Girls Rule & Boys Drool, but do they really?

From the moment a child is born, their gender WILL determine the way that child’s life will be like.  Our 21st century distinction comes from the media, our own homes, and our own gender.

Gentlemen Assumptions 

1. All guys watch football.  Whenever I am eating dinner with my boy cousins,  I always hear them talk about football like it’s a religion.

2. All guys maintain the cars.  My dad is the one who is always outside every weekend washing and detailing the inside of our cars.  My mom rarely goes outside to help out with the cars.

3. All guys play a sport.  If I could name every guy that I know, every single one of them had or is still participating in a sport.  Whether it be basketball or air rifling, all guys play a sport.


4. All guys do the laboring tasks around the house.  In my family my dad does all the outside manual work like fixing the roof or building the wooden tables.

5. All guys love working out.  Every morning, I at least see one teenage boy if not more working out in the weight room.  I don’t know how they do it, but if I had to lift a trillion pounds before school started, I would not make it passed first period.  The only plausible explanation must be that guys just really enjoy working out.

Women Assumptions 

1. All girls bake.  Whenever it is someone’s birthday or a holiday like Christmas, I am always bombarded with cookies and cakes.  And every time I say, “O.M.G. this is so good. Who made this?” I am always answered with, “Oh, [insert a different girl’s name here every time I ask this question]!”

2. All girls are physically flexible.  Girls biologically are suppose to be more flexible than guys, due to less muscle mass and the fact that girls bodies are suppose to be stretched in weird ways (pregnancy).

3. All girls like dresses  I think many people make this assumption because girls never really get the chance to wear anything else when it comes to important events like the Grammy’s.


4. All girls love shopping. Hollywood has brought upon a bias notion that women really love shopping through movies like Confessions of a Shopaholic Pretty Woman; which are only based upon women going shopping.

5. All girls do the housework.  The 50’s lifestyle that the men would go to work while the women would stay home and take care of the house, is not the case in many homes today; but it is just a widespread belief in our society.


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