Fight On

The unequal distribution of power between men and women will never fully cease to exist.  Unfortunately with men having the upper hand, women are left to fend for themselves.  An article written by Did Kirsten Tatlow entitled Pushing for a Law Against Domestic Violence in China, highlights the negative effects of China’s lack of instilling a law against domestic violence.


Ms. Lee, a victim of domestic violence by her husband, Mr. Li, has experienced much hardship in gaining the proper legal settlements to protect her from her unstable ex-husband.  After their divorce he would send her texts like, “’You need me to beat you again to make you better, you greedy, American (Ms. Lee is from America) psycho.’”  A text like this is unacceptable but yet the best thing that Ms. Lee got of this was a protection order with unclear guidelines and was only admitted for a mere three months.

The feminist activists in China are pushing to show the courts that domestic violence should not be treated as a “private matter”, because someone’s life is at risk everyday.  Although domestic violence should not even be committed in the first place, for some people, there needs to be a law in order to stop them from committing this horrifying crime.  China has some of the smartest people on this planet, and leads the nation in education and technology, but they still cannot see that women are in desperate need of a domestic violence law.

As I was reading this article the song “Blurred Lines” began to play in my head.  Why is this song played on every radio station when it basically saying that guys are allowed to treat women like dolls and “smack their asses” like it was just a normal everyday thing.  To me this is sick and I feel that this song needs to be banned.

Domestic violence shows the unequal social, physical, and political power between women and men. I mentioned in my prior blog that because of our human nature to be prejudice of men and women, we struggle everyday to discern equal rights.  There will never be true equal rights for men and women, but that doesn’t mean that feminism needs to stop!  Feminism, like in the case of Ms. Lee, stands for protection.  Women may not have the same rights as men, but who said we can’t protect ourselves.


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