For Eternity

Females.  Males.  Feminism.  Malinism?  We know that “malinism” is not a word, but why is that?  Oh, maybe it is due to the fact that males never needed to have a word to summarize all the trials and tribulations they would need to face in order to gain equality.

Feminism is a term that is used as a common base for women across the world in their fight of obtaining equality.  I have listened and heard about many women from the 20th century to modern day and their efforts such as rallying outside of factories, capitols, and cities as they strive for equal rights.  Women fight for equal job wages to government positions.  I know that in some cases only a fraction of what the women expected to obtain in their rallies are given, but in most cases nothing is obtained.  The time and preparations that go into organizing the women and posters in itself can be very laborious and tedious, but yet we still see many feministic movements.

Feminism movement outside of a factory in 1901.


Feminism movement in 2013.

Being alive for 18 years and studying about women in history for about five years maybe even longer, I have noticed that no matter how hard women try to obtain equality, and even when they do obtain equality, there will always be something new that won’t be equal.  I’m not saying that feministic movements aren’t making a difference, but I feel that some things are just not meant to be gender equal.  Being politically, economically, and socially equal is ideal, but it’s not realistic.  Men are perceived as stronger, more dominant and women are seen as weaker and laid back. It’s a part of human nature and instinct to have these prejudices, which is why some things like gender equality cannot be obtained.

Personally I feel that feminism although it is suppose to embody the essence of women and their fight for equality, it can also be seen as a sad reminder that women are STILL fighting for equality. And on the sad side, our society will never fully let men and women be equals.  The day that the word feminism is abolished will be the day that the world ends.


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